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Microsoft reveals new Calendar and People experiences coming to

Back in August, Microsoft announced the new Mail beta with a revamped UI, new features and significantly speedier web experience. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the new Calendar experience with a similar redesign. Today, Microsoft provided an update on this upcoming experience. Based on the feedback from its users, Microsoft is now rolling out the new Mail experience to all users and launching new beta experiences in Calendar and People.

Here’s the summary of what they are announcing today:

  • Mail—The fresh new look of the Mail experience will now be standard for all users—no need to toggle in! You’ll get a speedier performance, improved Skype integration, new ways to access your favourite add-ins—such as Boomerang, Evernote, and PayPal—and easier ways to categorise and filter your emails. We’re rolling out this Mail experience to all users over the next few weeks.
  • Calendar—All users can now try out new beta experiences in the Calendar. This includes a more responsive interface, the ability to add an event in just a few clicks, and icons to help you identify your events faster.
  • People—You can also try out beta experiences in the People section of, including a new look, quicker access to your favorite people, and easier ways to view, edit, and create contacts.

Based on the user feedback, Microsoft has brought back the Skype experience in With the updated Skype experience, you can start an instant message or a free video call and participate in multiple chats at once. Microsoft has also improved category organisation process by allowing users to assign a name and colour to each category and apply multiple categories to a single message. You can also filter messages based on category by just typing the category name in the search bar or add a favourite category to the very top of your left sidebar.

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